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Our Surety Bond Services

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Our Surety Bond Services

Adams-Levine is your surety bond specialist.  With offices in Houston and New York, we assure you of quality customer service backed by many years of experience.  Please feel free to fill out our Online Quote Form or to Contact Us with any of your surety bond needs. Our surety bond services include:

  • Bank Depository Bond - A depository program is utilized by banks holding certain federal, state, municipal or private deposits.
  • Court Bond - Filed in connection with litigation by the Principal. The Principal can be the Appellant, Plaintiff, Defendant, or anyone who seeks Court intervention.
  • Fiduciary Bond - Allows the Principal, or Fiduciary who, under the jurisdiction and supervision of a Court, administers property held in trust. The Fiduciary is generally required by law to provide a Surety Bond.
  • Bankruptcy Trustees Bond -  These bonds may be written on an individual or blanket basis.  They are required by the Court to ensure "faithful performance of duty."
  • Miscellaneous Bonds - There are many other bonds that attorneys may need for themselves or their clients such as Liquor Bonds, License and Permit Bonds, Lost Instrument Bonds, Public Official Bonds, etc.